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3 short documentaries from The Hague
February 28th 2020

TransitieCinema invites you for the screening of 3 different short documentaries, that share one special thing in common: their authors/editors are from The Hague, and they will be in the Q&A panel to answer all your questions! 

Up a Tree

In the German Hambach forest the environment and brown coal are at war. The outcome will determine the regions future.
Directors Hannah Cammeraat and Bodil Tummers give a unique insight in this conflict and interview both the environmental activists that have occupied the forest, and the miner that earns his living in the brown coal mines.

Waste Time

Waste Time shows how a diverse group of people from the teacher, the domina, the shop owner to school children take action together and find creative solutions to reduce, reuse and process waste. They are supported in this by Moluccan lessons of the common law, the adat. After all, “if we don’t do it, who will?” is what the traditional guardian of nature, kewang Uncle Eli, sings to us: ‘Sio sapa lae kalo bukang katong dua’.

Bosque Sano

A movie that shows the worldwide ecocamps movement and how climate change connects a place as far away as Bolivia back to our world here in The Hague.


Date & place: February 28th 2020 at Het Nutshuis, The Hague
18.00  TransitieCinema Vegan Dinner by Juni Café (click here for details and reservations)

19.30  Screening of the documentaries both in Bankhal and Filmkluis
20:45 Two parallel Q&A sessions
21.15 Drinks and discussion

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