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TransitieCinema organizes a monthly documentary screening.
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Information about Stichting TransitieCinema

  • Goals

    What we try to achieve

    The goal of Transitiecinema is to inform and make the public aware of the issues and discussion concerning the topics of transition and sustainability. To achieve this we screen documentaries and translate the topic and its issues through discussion to a local context.

  • Plan 2019

    Our plan for upcoming year

    The board of Stichting TransitieCinema has made a policy plan for our upcoming year. In the plan you can find more information about what we want to achieve and where we would like to invest.

  • Report 2018

    Our report of last year

    The board of Stichting TranitieCinema published this report to describe what Stichting TransitieCinema has achieved.

  • Current Board

    Stichting TranitieCinema

    The current board of Stichting TransitieCinema:

    • President: M.E. Fonville
    • Treasurer: D.D. Dakova
    • Secretary: S. Westerduin
  • Donations

    Support our activities

    Stichting TransitieCinema is a designated public benefit organisation (PBO/ANBI). Gifts to Stichting TransitieCinema are tax-free and donations may be deducted from (corporate) income tax.

  • Thanks to
    all of our


Stichting TransitieCinema

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