Fossil Free

Governance, Energy, Economy, Climate
Screening Date: January 15, 2016
We will kick off the new year with what might be the most important topic of 2016: tackling the Carbon Bubble. With the success of the COP21 in Paris, where a global agreement was negotiated between countries to reduce climate change, it is now time to act accordingly! Implied is that part of our fossil fuels reserves cannot be burnt in the foreseeable future, to meet our climate goals. This has several implications throughout our society and economy. E.g. part of your pension fund is probably invested in oil and gas companies, but their valuation is based on being able to sell *all* of their fossil fuel assets. But if they can’t sell all their assets, their stock might plummet and your pension will take a loss. Fossil Free urges investors like pension funds to handle in accordance with a sustainable future, both environmental as financial and to disinvest as fast as possible from fossil fuels.


19.30 Documentary Screening
21.00 Q&A with experts
21.30 Drinks and socializing