War on Minerals

Justice, Governance, Land-use, Technology
Screening Date: June 16, 2017
In 2012, 147 people were killed worldwide because they stand up for nature. One of them was a Dutchman, Willem Geertman. The documentary War on Minerals tells his story. Willem had been living in the Philippines for over forty years when he was shot dead in the middle of the day in front of his staff. During his time in the Philippines, Willem took a stand against environmental destruction caused by the mining industry, fiercely opposing deforestation and displacement of farmers. Documentary maker Jacco Groen investigates the underlying forces that led to Willems dead, digging deeper in web of conflicting interests that cause environmental defenders such as Willem to end up in the dangerous front line.


19.30 Documentary Screening
21.00 Q&A with experts
21.30 Drinks and socializing