Without Leaving Anyone Behind

Screening Date: April 19, 2024
Directed by: Sylvester Ndumbi
The energy discussion has become polarized. There are those who believe climate change is a crisis requiring nothing short of toppling of the entire global economic system. There are still some who question whether climate change is happening or whether it’s human-caused. And then there are those who believe climate change is serious but actionable with existing technologies, consumer pressure and government incentives.

There are those who ask: What about the developing countries in the Global South who want to grow their economies and improve their standard of living with fossil fuels? The industrialized economies did it, why can’t they?

Without Leaving Anyone Behind takes us on a journey with the University of Calgary’s Dr. Harrie Vredenburg – one of the world’s leading experts on energy, climate change, and economics – to discover the possibilities that lie ahead as we address climate change in a pragmatic, non-polarized manner and transition to a new energy future.
The documentary was filmed in several countries around the world including Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Trinidad and Tobago and Kenya. WITHOUT LEAVING ANYONE BEHIND was invited to screen at COP28 in Dubai as a UN Official Side Event.
This documentary features World leading experts on energy and environment including Dr. David Keith, Kirsty Gogan, Dr. Sarah Hastings-Simon, Todd Smith, King Ogiame Atuwatse, Scott Seu, The Honourable Stuart Young, Stanley Chang, Simon Flowers, Dr Dale Ramlakhan and many more. Directed by award winning filmmaker Sylvester Ndumbi and produced by one of the world’s leading experts on Energy, Dr. Harrie Vredenburg, the key question that the film explores is how can humanity transition to a net zero future Without Leaving Anyone Behind.”


18.00-19.30 TransitieCinema Dinner buffet (buy an online ticket for the dinner before April 17th!)

19.30 Screening “Without Leaving Anyone Behind”

21.00 Q&A with experts

21.40 Drinks and discussion
Admission to the movie is FREE (but we appreciate donations!)
Make sure to arrive on time, the doors are closed when the movie starts or the venue is at full capacity.
DINNER is optional and vegetarian; you can buy your ticket online here
The movie and event are in English